When I’ve planned and set up an experiment for weeks and fails on the last day because the light went out



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Asking in the lab who last used a reagent which has ran out


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When a competitor asks me what genes I’m studying next


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When someone uses Comic Sans in a presentation

wtf f0jL6

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Publishing like a Boss

Well, that’s a very productive May 2nd, 1997.


Well played, Jay, well played.

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How I feel when I see freshmen in the University cafeteria and realize I still have several months left here


Soon… I will graduate soon…. hopefully.

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Reflections of a “Small Journal” Editor

Yet, without a thick skin, the patience of Job, and an enduring sense of humor, the hard-hit small editor would probably not last through a single cycle of his journal, laboring as he must under the curses of author uncomprehension, author uncooperativeness, author irresponsibility,and sometimes even downright stupidity

John O. Corliss

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