Blog about your research and get an Amazon Giftcard!

As you may already know, we’ve always wanted to have a place where molecular biologists can discuss science. That’s why we created MolBio Research Highlights first, and then, The MolBio Hut.

One thing we thought was a good idea, was the “Direct Connection” section in our blog, in which scientists can discuss their own recently published work. This is how we put it when we first launched it:

The “Direct Connection” section at “The MolBio Hut” includes blog posts discussing primary research articles in the field, but these posts are written by the authors themselves. This allows them to discuss the background, results and implications of their work with a wider audience and in a more relaxed format. We hope that this direct link between the authors and the scientific community (hence its name), promotes discussion and interaction with scientists in other fields.

We would like to promote this initiative by inviting grad students, postdocs and even PIs to write a short post discussing their recently published papers. The benefits of blogging are plenty and have been discussed elsewhere (see here, here and here for some thoughts about it), so what better way of getting into it than by discussing your own work?

Just to get things rolling, we will give contributors a 25 USD Amazon Giftcard and we will promote their posts and labs in the web for their research to get the widest dissemination possible (through Twitter, Researchblogging, etc).

By also posting the author’s contact info (twitter account, for example), we hope to create a network of molecular biologists.

So what are you waiting for? Have you recently published a paper in the (wide) field of molecular biology? Then write a short post about it, let people know about your research and its implications and get a giftcard out of it!

Drop me a line with your proposal. We look forward to your posts!

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