Oh those circadian time courses….

“These initial Arabidopsis experiments were quite labor intensive, as tissues for RNA extraction, RNA gel blotting, and nuclear run-on analyses had to be harvested at frequent intervals over fairly lengthy time courses. Such experiments inevitably became exercises in sleep deprivation for the experimenters and provided considerable disincentive to the recruitment of graduate students into the field.”

-CR McClung, discussing circadian biology research (of which I’m a part of!)

I’m currently spending some time in the US doing some experiments for my thesis, which involve a lot of the circadian time courses mentioned above (for a quick description of my work click here). Sleep deprivation is an inherent part of these experiments, but it also doesn’t help that I have to get a ride from my collaborator every day and he wakes up REALLY early……

“During the school year I get to the lab at around 6am”, he said. Well I guess it’s a good thing I came in June…

The cool thing about this is that if all experiments work out the way we’ve planned them, then I’m sure we’ll get a couple of great publications and I’ll be able to graduate sometime in the near future.

I’ll keep you posted!


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