A new home and a new name

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After some problems with the Blogger platform, we decided to migrate to WordPress, which has been recommended to us for ages. The original blog, “MolBio Research Highlights” at Blogger will remain online.

At the same time, Francisco and I decided that the blog needed a new name which reflected more what we wanted to accomplish with the blog. Even though we still want it to be considered a place where people can find articles in the field of molecular biology we think of as being interesting (hence “research highlights”), we don’t feel the name of the blog reflected the other things we do here,  for instance, discussing scientific life.

We want the blog to be a place where people with shared interests can not only read about different aspects of molecular biology and the life of molecular biologists, but also participate. We want it to be a rendezvous point for people in the life sciences, and with this in mind, we decided on a new name: “The MolBio Hut”, a sort of  ‘shelter for molecular biologists’.

We hope the 4 people who follow us regularly (hello brothers and sisters!) will continue to support us and consider the move and the new name an improvement.

We want to take this opportunity to encourage people to submit their articles to the blog; we are particularly interested in blog posts discussing the primary literature. If you have published a paper recently, you can discuss your own as part of our “Direct Connection” section.  We are also interested in meeting reports and people discussing different aspects of the scientific life.

In any case, we hope the blog will continue to serve as an attractive source of interesting news, papers, tools and more from the fantastic field of molecular biology.

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